STU48 Shioi Hinako decide to graduate

Member STU48 Shioi Hinako has decided to graduate from the group. This is informed through the group's official website, June 22, 2018.

STU48 Shioi Hinako.jpg

In her comments, Shioi Hinako revealed, "I, Shioi Hinako will graduate from STU48."

Regarding graduation ceremony, Shioi revealed, "About 1 year 2 months I have been doing activities at STU48 and experiencing many things for the first time in my life that fun I can meet many people and learn many things But in the middle of spending such days, at my head was filled with Shingaku / university entrance exams and as a result I decided to focus on my education and decided to graduate from the group. "

Shio Hinako's last activity with the group will take place on 22 July 2018.