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Total First week sales of Keyakizaka46 Sugai Yuuka 1st photobook "Fiancee"

Keyakizaka46 Sugai Yuuka.jpg

The first solo member's photobook as well as the Keyakizaka46 captain Sugai Yuuka 'Fiancee [フ ィ ア ン セ]' released June 5, 2018 has sold 51,075 copies.

With this figure, Yuuka photobook is ranked first weekly ORICON weekbook photo chart. The sales of the Yuuka photobook continued with the success of photobook sales of two Keyakizaka46 members previously, Watanabe Rika 'Jousetsuna Manazashi [饒舌 な 眼 差 し] and Nagahama Neru' Koko Kara [こ こ か ら] 'who also ranked first on the Oricon photobook chart chart.

Known for the character "Ojo-sama", photo shoot Yuuka took place in France and performed at the end of November 2017. Yuuka visits famous French attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Chantilly Castle and other attractions.

Weekly sales ranking photobook Keyakizaka46:
Koko Kara - Nagahama Neru: 97,660
Fiancee - Sugai Yuuka: 51,075
Jousetsuna Manazashi - Watanabe Rika: 34,432