Zhang Dansan, SNH48 Member who Diligently Releases MV for Fans

Zhang Dansan member of Team X SNH48 unveiled her newest music video on June 28, 2018. It is one of the unfortunately forms to fans who have supported her until she can get a senbatsu position on the third Senbatsu SNH48 GROUP election. Dansan is known to often release music videos on its official Weibo. The video was released herself without the help of the management, but in doing the recording there is interference SNH48 staff.

ZHang Dansan Dream Star & Ocean SNH48 MV.jpg

In the latest MV upload she wrote "this is a special gift from the heart, please be sure to see it". The release of this new MV is intended for fans always support it even in sousenkyo event this time.

The girl with the slogan 'Never Stop Dreaming' is releasing the video by bringing SNH48 songs as well as other Chinese songs. Her latest MV took the song from Team X Mingyun de X hao / Fate X setlist sung solo. The video was already seen by a dozen thousand Weibo users. In addition to this MV, Zhang Dansan has also released MV edition of ZhangDanSan48 (ZDS48).