AKB48 Team SH 1st generation members announced

AKB48 Team SH is a new sister group of AKB48 based in Shanghai, China. The formation of this group was announced on April 10, 2018 by AKB48 CHINA. As a female idol group that adopt the same concept with AKB48 then the first generation audition was held directly to coincide with the formation of the group. Auditions are held in several major cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenyang, Wuhan to recruit girls who have strong dreams.

Selection of first generation members of AKB48 Team SH continues. Today (24/07/2018), AKB48 CHINA held the announcement event of the first generation member AKB48 Team SH by inviting the girls who have passed the final stage complete with audition chest number. AKB48 Team SH officially announced their first generation of 34 girls. After being elected they put on T-shirts with the AKB48 Team SH logo on the stage. These girls will do a series of training activities before the official debut. Although their name is still unknown, it may soon become the official site of AKB48 CHINA to publish this member profile.