SNH48 newest sub-unit "HO2" and "BlueV" set to make debut

SNH48 has two new sub-units named BlueV and HO2 formed at the Request Time concert last February. After nearly five months, the members of these two sub-units finally got exclusive training overseas. BlueV and HO2's official Weibo accounts have also been created last month so it is certain they will debut soon.

BlueV's Mo Han, Li Yuqi, Wan Lina, Lv Yi and Sun Rui flew to South Korea for training. On July 12th, SNH48 uploaded a photo of their practice there. It seems that these five girls received dance training. Another SNH48 sub-unit, 7SENSES was also initially trained in South Korea before debut.

Unlike BlueV, HO2 gets vocal training and musical instruments with different training venues as well. The two-member sub-unit, Lu Ting and Feng Xinduo, is the dream of the fans as both are very intimate and many are hoping they are lovers. Feng Xinduo got keyboard training and Lu Ting with her guitar. Both fly to Taipei to study and practice there.