Total sales Nogizaka46 Photobook - NOGI_SATSU VOL.01 in first week

Photobook Nogizaka46 'Nogizaka46 Photobook - NOGI_SATSU VOL.01 [乃 木 坂 46 写真 集 乃 木 撮 VOL.01]' released June 26, 2018 has sold 181,580 copies and topped the Oricon weekly photobook charts.

Nogizaka46 Photobook - NOGI_SATSU VOL.01.jpg

'Nogizaka46 Photobook - NOGI_SATSU VOL.01' is a collection of photos of Nogizaka46 members in the project 'NOGI_SATSU [乃 木 撮]' made into photobook.

This 'NOGI_SATSU' project features photos of Nogizaka46 members photographed by fellow members and published weekly in 'FRIDAY' magazine since February 2017. 'NOGI_SATSU' many featured photos of facial expressions and valuable off-shots from Nogizaka46 members.

Sales of Phototobook Group Nogizaka46 on Week One - ORICON

  1. 1st PB - Nogizaka Ha / 乃 木 坂 派 [Release: October 22, 2013] = 34,813 copies
  2. 2nd PB - Show Okure no I love you / 1 時間 遅 れ の I love you [Release: August 5, 2016] = 40,941 copies
  3. 3rd PB - NOGI_SATSU VOL.01 / 乃 木 撮 VOL.01 [Release June 26, 2018] = 181,580 copies