BNK48 4th single "Kimi wa Melody" details announced

BNK48 will soon release its fourth single entitled 'Kimi wa Melody / Yourself, Melody'. This preorder single has been done for a long time in the official Shopee Thailand BNK48 account.

The announcement of this single was made on the second generation debut, and the senbatsu will be revealed later. On August 18, BNK48 announced senbatsu members for the single Kimi wa Melody. Besides senbatsu, they also announced the title of Kimi wa Melody in Thai, 'Tor Keu ... Maylodi'.

The senbatsu member of BNK48 came from the BIII Team and the elected Kenkyuusei members.

For the first time the second generation members were chosen to be BNK48's single senbatsu. BIII Team Members who entered senbatsu include Cherprang, Tarwaan, Jennis, Pupe, Noey, Jane, Namneung, Jaa, Kaew, Mind, Orn, Mobile, Music, Pun, Satchan, and Kaimook (16 girls). While the second generation members are only 5 members namely Cake, Aom, Minmin, Phukkhom, and Faii.

Total members of Senbatsu singles Kimi wa Melody are 21 girls and were the first time for more than 16 members. This center single position will be taken by Noey. She was chosen to be the center again after Shonichi's single was positioned as a double center with Music. In addition, in the video of BNK48's senbatsu announcement, it was also revealed that costume would use senbatsu for this single.

In addition to the song Kimi wa Melody's senbatsu, BNK48 also announced the song's fourth coupling single and its senbats. 

The song is Yume e no Route or Route to Your Dream. Yume e no Route will be chosen by Senbatsu, namely Jennis, Pupe, Kate, Jane, Namneung, Miori, Jaa, Mind, Namsai, Izurina, Satchan, Jib, Korn, Kaimook, Nink, and Piam. 

The song center is held by Pupe. The single Kimi wa Melody BNK48 will consist of the main songs Kimi wa Melody, Tsugi no Seasons, and Yume e no Route. Maybe it will consist of more than three songs as in the previous single which has 3 pairs of songs and one main song.