JKT48 to perform 36 times in Asian Games without being paid

This year, JKT48 will enliven the Asian sports competition '2018 Asian Games'. Yesterday (08/10/2018), four JKT48 members consisting of Zara, Yuvia, Shani and Grace attended a press conference with the chairman of the event's organizing committee which will be held this week.

JKT48 is considered suitable to enliven the Asian Games because they are one of the millennial generation icons. As quoted from Jawa Pos, this time the Asian Games belonged to the younger generation. JKT48 includes taking part without being paid and is part of empowerment youth. Volunteer and dedication to Indonesia.

In the 2018 Asian Games, this Jakarta-based idol group will be the MC in some 60 numbers and 40 sports. To welcome the 2018 Asian Games, the Asian Games "ambassador" will make 67 sports presentations videos that will be played at each sports venue at the 2018 Asian Games. The video aims to provide education on certain sports to the audience.

In the meantime the committee can only ensure JKT48 only performs in Jakarta. But, it is not possible that they will be flown to Palembang later. JKT48 will entertain the audience with their songs. The captain of JKT48 namely Shania revealed that all members can participate but not in a complete formation but must take turns.

Full list of their schedule below.