Keyakizaka46 Imaizumi Yui announces graduation, its her speech

On Today's blog post Imaizumi Yui announce her graduation from Keyakizaka46. It's what she said: 

"To fans who are always supporting Keyakizaka46
// For several months, i have always been absent from live and events, and cause you fans to worry, i am sorry for causing inconvenience. 

// I know that everyone have their own way of interpreting things, so i don't think that anyone will 100% understand, but i hope that i can convey my feelings even just a little bit.

// Since around last winter, i were unable to participate in rehearsals for live event or events, and continued to be absent.

// Handshake events and such, // I want to meet the fans whom i love.
// Even thought i have those feelings, i cannot do them, and it frustrates me.
// I always thought that this situation cannot go on for the good of the fans group, and staffs.

// I still want to work hard for those who continue to support me even though i'm like this, for my family who always be with me. I want to look forward.

 // I have to look ahead...

// So i thought.

// It troubles me, but now i have to make a very heartbreaking decision.

// I am graduating from Keyakizaka46

 // I am thankful to the several members who helped me make this decision when i'm in doubt!!!
// This will be my last single as Keyakizaka46 member

// Because i cannot participate in the 7th single title track, the staff told me that i can still participate with a solo song.

// The solo song that i receive is "Until the sun rises"

// That is exactly what i feels.

。// Carefully, i pour my feelings in each word of the lyric

 // It's a song

// that tightens your chest somewhere

 // Akimoto-san who always write wonderful lyrics

// Everyone who always produce wonderful songs

// Truly thank you.

// The world that i longed for since i was in kidnegarden

// I was able to do jobs related to singing

// I was able to meet a lot of people

 I truly received so many important experiences

// Although i still want to work as a Keyakizaka46 member, but from now on i will continue to work as a talent after graduating from the group.

// I still want to make a place where i can be in touch with fans whom i love
// I will make it!!
 // It's a promise!!! I truly, truly love the fans who supported someone like me.
// Thank you as always.
// Regarding future activities, i will report again after consulting with the staff.
// There are little time left
。// But i will do my utmost until the end with the feelings of gratitude.

 // It's a long blog but

。// Thank you for reading until the end"