Nogizaka46 Yamashita Mizuki to be exclusive model for "CanCam Magazine"

Nogizaka46 Yamashita Mizuki - CanCam.jpg

Member of Nogizaka46 3rd Generation Yamashita Mizuki has been contracted as the exclusive model of fashion magazine 'CanCam'.

Yamashita became the thirteenth member of Nogizaka46 who got a contract as an exclusive model and became the third member contracted as an exclusive model by 'CanCam' magazine after Hashimoto Nanami and Matsumura Sayuri. At Sakamichi Series, Yamashita became the 19th member to be contracted as a model.

Regarding the reason for choosing Yamashita, editor-in-chief Takada Hiroki revealed, "She's an orthodox beautiful girl. Every time I see her picture, the aura feels stronger, we want to show more of the charm through 'CanCam' magazine."

Yamashita will start appearing as the exclusive model for 'CanCam' magazine in the October issue which will be released on August 23, 2018.

Yamashita Mizuki's comment
"CanCam is a magazine that I make reference in terms of make-up and fashion. For me who never thought of working in the model world, of course being the model of the magazine I admired made me very happy, but there was also the pressure I felt. By making my Senpai a role model, I will try hard to grow by learning many things about fashion and beauty."

Nogizaka46 Member List Contracted As A Magazine Model 

  1. Shiraishi Mai - LARME (graduated model) & Ray (graduated)
  2. Nishino Nanase - non-no
  3. [Ex-Member] Hashimoto Nanami - CanCam (graduated model)
  4. Matsumura Sayuri - CanCam
  5. Saito Asuka - sweet
  6. Kitano Hinako - Zipper
  7. Kawago Hina - Popteen
  8. Hori Miona - ar
  9. Eto Misa - Bijin Hyakka
  10. Kubo Shiori - Seventeen
  11. Sakurai Reika - NYLON JAPAN
  12. Higuchi Hina - JJ
  13. Yamashita Mzuki - CanCam