SNH48 Sub-unit "BlueV" debut single tracklist unveiled

SNH48 registered the song in their sub-unit "BlueV" the subunit single debut few days ago. BlueV was formed at the 4th Request Time SNH48 concert last February. Last month, the five members flew to South Korea to receive training while shooting music video for their debut single. There will be four songs that will be included in BlueV's first single, along with the fifth title. 

Qing Huida (请回答) / Be My Love 
Ma mi (妈咪) / MAMI 
Duli (独立) / My Key 
Feini Buke (非你不可) - It's should be You 

These four songs are produced by composers from the South Korea, namely Music Factory. Previously Mengxiang Yanbaoting's variety show theme song 'Ready! Go! ' also created by the composer. 

Feini Buke's song was the victory song of the five BlueV members that were shown by the five SNH48 members before they were selected as members of this sub unit. The song belongs to Team XII which was disbanded last February and replaced to Team FT.