4 SNH48 from 10th generation promoted to regular team

On the eve of the fifth special SNH48 theater birthday performance, it was exciting for the 4 training members (trainees).

They were Liu Jie, Luan Jiayi, Zhou Ruilin, and Lu Jingping.

The four of them officially released their status as SNH48 trainee members and were officially promoted to the regular team by management.

Previously the trainees followed the project to expose the faces where they performed in other team's theatrical performances by wearing masks.

Liu Jie, Luan Jiayi, and Zhou Ruilin joined the NII Team formation. Meanwhile, Lu Jingping was handed over to Team X.

This was her fourth new trip to become a core member. There are still some members of the SNH48 ten generation who still carry the status of trainees namely Li Hailin and Lu Jinghua, and Peng Yuhan. This generation's generation is the most recruited as many as 9 people.