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Keyakizaka46 received an award from MTV VMAJ 2018

September 7, 2018, the list of award winning artists 'MTV VMAJ 2018' was announced.

'MTV VMAJ 2018' is the Japanese version of the 'MTV Video Music Awards' awards from the United States. Held for the first time in 2002, this year became the 17th year 'MTV VMAJ' was held.

This year, idol group Keyakizaka46 was awarded the category "Best Group Video -Japan-" with a music video of their latest single released on August 15, 'Ambivalent [ア ン ビ バ レ ン ト]'.

This is the second time that Keyakizaka46 won the award at 'MTV VMAJ' after last year Keyakizaka46 won the "Best Buzz Award".

Later, Keyakizaka46 and other award-winning artists will appear on the special program "MTV VMAJ 2018 - THE LIVE -" which will be held on October 10, 2018 in STUDIO COAST, Shinkiba.

List of 'MTV VMAJ 2018' Award-winning Artists

最優秀邦楽男性アーティストビデオ賞/ Best Male Video -Japan-Yonezu Kenshi - Lemon (Director: Yamada Tomokazu)

最優秀洋楽男性アーティストビデオ賞/Best Male Video -International-
・SHAWN MENDES - In My Blood (Director: Jay Martin)

最優秀邦楽女性アーティストビデオ賞/Best Female Video -Japan-
・aiko - Straw (
Director: Usui Hiroshi)

最優秀洋楽女性アーティストビデオ賞/Best Female Video -International-
・ARIANA GRANDE - No Tears Left to Cry (Director: Dave Meyers)

最優秀邦楽グループビデオ賞/Best Group Video -Japan-
・Keyakizaka46 - Ambivalent (Sutradara: Shingu Ryohei)

最優秀洋楽グループビデオ賞/Best Group Video -International-
・BTS (Bangtan Boys) - FAKE LOVE (Director: YongSeok Choi)

最優秀邦楽新人アーティストビデオ賞/Best New Artist Video -Japan-
・Official HIGE DANdism -
 No Doubt (Director: Kato Misato)

最優秀洋楽新人アーティストビデオ賞/Best New Artist Video -International-
・MARSHMELLO & ANNE-MARIE - Friends (Director: Hannah Lux Davis)

最優秀ロックビデオ賞/Best Rock Video
・WANIMA - Human (Director: Kurada Satoshi)

最優秀オルタナティブビデオ賞/Best Alternative Video
・DEAN FUJIOKA - Echo (Director: Ninomiya Ken)

最優秀ポップビデオ賞/Best Pop Video
・Hoshino Gen - Idea (Director: Seki Kazuaki)

最優秀ヒップホップビデオ賞/Best Hip Hop Video
・SKY-HI - Marble (Director: Spikey John)

最優秀ダンスビデオ賞/Best Dance Video

最優秀アートディレクションビデオ賞/Best Art Direction Video・Hoshino Gen - Idea (Director: Seki Kazuaki)

 最優秀撮影賞/Best Cinematography
・Little Glee Monster - Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikakete Iru (Director: Okubo Takuro)

最優秀振付け賞/Best Choreography
・E-girls - Show Time (Director: Kubo Shigeaki)

■ Special Award

最優秀アーティスト賞/Artist of the Year
・Miura Daichi

最優秀アルバム賞/Best Album of the Year
・Utada Hikaru - Hatsukoi