Nogizaka46 will hold a live concert in Shanghai

Idol group Nogizaka46 will hold their first overseas live solo concert on December 1, 2018 at the Mercedes Benz Arena, Shanghai, China.

Previously, in 2014 Nogizaka46 appeared in France at the 'Japan Expo 2014' event.

In November 2017, Nogizaka46 performed at Singapore's 'C3AFA' event which became Nogizaka46's first performance in Asia and in February 2018 Nogizaka46 returned to the 'C3AFA' event which was held in Hong Kong this time.

But all of that was the appearance of Nogizaka46 in an event where other artists also appeared. Nogizaka46's appearance at the Mercedes Benz Arena, Shanghai, China will be Nogizaka46's first solo performance abroad.

Responding to this first overseas live solo concert, member Shiraishi Mai commented, "I was truly happy that finally Nogizaka46 could hold a live solo concert abroad.

Mercedes Benz Arena, Shanghai, China is one of the largest indoor arenas in China. This concert is expected to mobilize around 10,000 spectators. Maiyan commented, "I hope everyone in Shanghai will enjoy our concert later, and I will do my best to introduce Nogizaka46 to more people!"