SNH48 Team SII and NII announce new original setlist

At a special theatrical performance celebrating the fifth SNH48 Star Dream Theater Sunday night (09/09/2018), SNH48 announced two original theatre setlist performances to be hosted by Team SII and Team NII. 

The two setslist are 'PlanSalvation (Chongsheng Jihua 重生 计划)' and 'Shi Zhi Juan (时 之 卷)'. Chongsheng Jihua means Plan of Rebirth while Shi Zhi Juan means Time Roll.

It is not known when Shonichi will be done for this setlist because until the middle of this month Team SII and Team NII were still carrying their respective setlist. 

The PlanSalvation Setlist may have a genre similar to the SII / K AKB48 Team 'RESET' setlist and Shi Zhi Juan is more or less the same as the Beautiful World HII Team. Even so, SNH48 fans are really waiting for when this setlist will be displayed.