STAR48 to file a lawsuit against Niu CongCong ex-BEJ48

Reports that Gong Shiqi sued by STAR48 might sound surprising to fans. But that is normal for the entertainment industry. Apparently, the same thing happened to one of the former BEJ48 members, Niu Congcong. This girl who is often called Erzong resigned unilaterally in October last year.

On September 14, 2018, Shanghai Siba (STAR48) Culture & Media filed a lawsuit against Niu Congcong at the Shanghai High Court.

Reportedly, Niu Congcong violated a contract that was still intertwined with approval even though she was not active as a member of BEJ48. The agreement is none other than being allowed to work with the media, entertainment companies or appear on any television before the contract runs out.

Some time ago, Niu Congcong violated this. Photographed herself in a Chinese media at a soccer event wearing a Manchester City shirt. This may have resulted in the filing of a lawsuit from STAR48 against Congcong.