Total first day sales AKB48 - Sentimental Train

Today (19/9), AKB48 officially released its 53rd single entitled 'Sentimental Train [セ ン チ メ ン タ ル ト レ イ ン]'.

On the first day of the release, the single sold 1,394,356 copies and topped the Oricon daily singles chart.

This sale increased by 357,805 copies from last year's Sousenkyo single sales #SukiNanda 'which sold 1,036,551 copies on the first day while making the Sousenkyo single Sentimental Train the most successful in terms of sales on the first day of the Oricon version.

For the Billboard Japan version, the single 'Sentimental Train' sold 1,551,061 copies on the first day.

AKB48 [Oricon] Sousenkyo Single Day First Sales Rank:
  1. Sentimental Train: 1,394,356
  2. Halloween Night: 1,187,633
  3. LOVE TRIP / Shiawase wo Wakenasai: 1,100,332
  4. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie: 1,095,894
  5. #SukiNanda: 1,036,551
  6. Flying Get: 1,025,952
  7. Gingham Check: 906,617
  8. Kokoro no Placard: 871,923
  9. Heavy Rotation: 340,487
  10. Iiwake Maybe: 57,456