GNZ48 introduces new 6th generation members

On the trainee (yubeisheng) GNZ48 'Ouxiang Yanjiu Jihua' theater performance, the fans who watched were amazed. On that occasion four members of Yubeisheng were announced to have been promoted to core members aka promoted to the team.

They are Fu Bingbing (Generation 3), Luo Kejia (Generation 3), Lin Zhi (Generation 3), and Xu Jiayin (Generation 4). The four were promoted to the Team G formation with Xie Leilei et al.

The four promoted members will definitely leave the vacancy in the trainee theater performances. That same night, GNZ48 introduced four fans to the sixth generation members. They are Deng Manhui (邓 熳 慧), Yan Yudie (鄢 羽 蝶), Ye Shuqi (叶舒淇), and Zhang Run (张润).

Sixth generation members also performed two songs, Summer Sounds Good and School Bell were Love Song. Their profile has now been uploaded to the official GNZ48 website and soon they will perform with other trainees in the theater.