New format! Details on SNH48 5th Request Time BEST 50

SNH48 will again hold the fifth best song selection event by fans of 'Request Time Best 50' on January 19, 2019. The event will be held for the first time outside of Shanghai, the location of the GNZ48 idol group base in Guangzhou, precisely Guangzhou Gymnasium. GNZ48 will host the final concert of the announcement of the 50 best songs.

A total of 530 SNH48 GROUP songs (including EPs, shows and more) can be selected by fans through online voting on the site

Voting votes are obtained from the single Endless Story which will be released on October 10th. The program adapted from Request Hour has a new system for the best song selection techniques.

Fifty of the best songs will be grouped into 5 groups, GOLDEN GROUP (winning song), SUN GROUP, MOON GROUP, and STAR GROUP. The following are details of the distribution of the best songs by group.

GOLDEN: 2 SONG (1 Unit Song + 1 Team Song)
SUN: 7 SONGS (1 Team Song + 1 SOLO Song + 2 Duet Songs + 3 Unit Songs)
MOON: 16 SONG (1 Team Song + 2 SOLO Songs + 6 Duet Songs + 7 Unit Songs)
STAR: 25 SONG (2 Team Songs + 23 Unit Songs)

If viewed from the results later, the best team songs will only have 5 songs, 3 SOLO songs, 8 duet songs (2 members), and the remaining 34 songs (3 or more members).

In addition, in terms of the stage and concert system, each group has different treatment. The lowest STAR group only receives props. MOON will get customized costumes and special effects. SUN will be added to song PV intro, special cameraman, and backup dancers. Winner or GOLDEN songs get all the special additional stage designs for their songs. GOLDEN songs will also accept making music videos as gifts.

One of the new Request Time programs this year is the introduction of a 7 member subunit which will consist of 7 members who have received the most votes to be part of the subunit that leads to the concert. The name and style of the unit will be chosen by the members themselves. This new subunit will receive professional training, original songs and MV.

The best songs will start on October 20 to December 10, 2018. The results of the first stage of the vote will be announced at the SNH48 GROUP theater show on November 4, 2018. The second stage of the vote results will be announced on November 25 at the theatrical performances as well.