Nogizaka46 Wakatsuki Yumi announces graduation, its her speech

"Nogizaka46 active member Wakatsuki Yumi has decided to graduate from the group. Please support until her graduation." says Nogizaka official site, which scheduled will be leaving faster than Nishino Nanase.

On a blog post titled "One Day I Can Love My Self"

"The overflowing feeling is too enormous
I still do not know how to put it together,
Please forgive me that it is a sentence that has fallen out variously. 

Well, in Nogizaka 46
The seventh summer passed ... the fourth grader
A new wind is blown in, a third grader grows up,
The era is about to change again.
Is it the first reason why I was honestly glad that I was.

It has changed my life.

Not "changed"
"Changing" is perfect.

It also gave me a dream that had no future goals previously. 

Trouble sufferings
Of course there were times when we had a lot of trouble
Now I feel refreshed like this
All of you are warm
I think that it was because it supported me.

I really appreciate it.

I came to less than seven years and think again

I was cheered by all such wonderful fans, and the best staff supported me ... 

Nogizaka 46 is a really wonderful group to be proud of.

It accepts all of our personality.
It makes the disadvantages as an advantage.

It is a happy thing.

"Yeah, it's Nogizaka."

I let you say a lot at the live show.
The sense of unity of that moment, I felt comfortable every time.

From the side saying this line


I will also go to the side to reply.

In the translation

I, Yumi Wakatsuki graduates from Nogizaka46. 

Nogizaka46 as a source of food
I think I will head to the next dream.

Activity is a little earlier ended than Nanase
We are planning to go through all November.

The schedule and contents are still under discussion
To some of the fans in some form
I am thinking of letting you greet you.

Although the announcement became sudden
With the staff

As a result of thinking over and over again over a long period of time and discussing it, I graduated at this time, this is the right time.