SHY48 introduces 4th generation members, here the list

SHY48 officially introduces new Yubeisheng (trainees) members from 4th Generation members yesterday. A total of 12 girls successfully passed the rigorous selection of fourth generation auditions and were introduced to the public yesterday.

This fourth generation announcement was carried out in an exclusive theater show specifically for trainee debuts at SHY48 Star Dream Theater. Previously SHY48 provided information about this new trainee through a program.

Fourth generation members of SHY48 consist of 11 new members,
Bian Jianning (卞佳宁),
Cheng Yi (程 一),
Feng Jiabao (冯 嘉宝),
Huang Yi (黄 逸),
Liu Yuqing (刘宇 晴),
Shang Guan (尚 官),
Wang Qiuru (王秋茹),
Wang Yongqi (王永祺),
Wang Zi (王梓),
Wu Xiaodi (武 晓 迪),
and Zhang Jinyu (张瑾瑜).

One more girl is a second generation member in the HIII Team whose hiatus is then passed to the fourth generation status. She is Wang Ruiqi (王睿 琦).

All profiles of new trainee members can already be seen on the official SHY48 website. Chances are they will have their own performances as well as trainees from BEJ48 and GNZ48.