SNH48 Chen Wenyan announces graduation, here the speech

SNH48 member Chen Wenyan announced her graduation from the group. She announced graduation through her official Weibo account that morning. The girl who is often called Yannis said many thanks to her fans.

"Hello everyone, I'm Chen Wenyan from the SNH48 Team NII. Thank you for the support you give all the time, this is a happy way to be with all of you. 

The way of life is still very long, with all my consideration I decided to leave this extended family (SNH48 GROUP ), sad indeed, many unforgettable memories. 

Wherever you are, I will not forget the experience of pursuing my dreams and friendship for years. 

I hope everyone can be in a different room, I am looking for happiness at the next stop. 

Love with you my fans are already good, after this you don't need to spend money for me anymore. 

Details about our special dinner, I will tell you when I'm ready Thank you for spending a lot of money for me you are like friends and family and this time it will be a real friend. With Love, Chen Wenyan ", She wrote on Weibo.

Chen Wenyan was a member of the second generation of SNH48 but when she joined the group better known as generation 2.5 because she was introduced after the second generation was announced.

She became one of the SNH48 members who rarely glimpsed by management proved she had never been in any single. Her official Weibo account has now been renamed no longer SNH48-Chen Wenyan.