[Watch] MNL48 invited to collaborate with local singer

The good news came from the MNL48, they were invited to collaborate with the Pinoy singer to sing a new song 'Dalawang Pag-Ibig Niya'.

The song was sung with Sheena Belarmino and Krystal Brimner, two beautiful girls from Manila.

Dalawang Pag-Ibig Niya was composed by Bernard Reforsado and produced by ABS-CBN subsidiary, the Star Music label which also houses MNL48. The music in this song sounds so interesting and good to hear.

Although this song collaborated with MNL48, only one member contributed to the song.

The MNL48 member who is the queen of sousenkyo, Shekinah Arzaga, took part in rap lyrics in Dalawang Pag-Ibig Niya's song.

For other members, they just follow the dance choreography. This song was released specifically by Himig Handog 2018 named Love Songs Love Stories. Curious about what the song is like? Play the video below.