With Korean ver, here the SNH48 7SENSES 3rd single tracklist

The SNH48 global sub unit 7SENSES will soon release their third single. As the members informed in the Soba 2018 event in South Korea, 7SENSES will soon release a new single by the end of 2018. They also added that in the latest single there will be one song released in South Korean.

Yesterday, SNH48 fans were shocked by the registration of the latest SEN7ES songs to ISRC China. It is certain that STAR48 registers its songs to ISRC for sure the song will be included in an EP (Extended Play). The song consists of four songs, namely
  • (1) Swan (Tian'e 天鹅) Chinese vers. 
  • (2) Swan Korean vers.
  • (2) OMG
  • (3) Seven O'Clock 
  • (4) China Town (Tangrenjie 唐人街) - Pecinan 

One of the songs is the Korean version of Swan, the lyrics are written by one of the EXID girl group members named LE. The release of this single is not yet known, possibly within a month from now.