AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki starring Drama "Kono Koi wa Tsumina no ka !?"

AKB48 / NGT48 member Kashiwagi Yuki and actor Ito Kentaro will star in the new MBS / TBS drama titled 'Kono Koi wa Tsumina no ka !? [こ の 恋 は ツ ミ な の か!?] '.

This drama was adapted from the same titled manga made by Torishima Hyte. Taking a set of professional Shogi communities, the drama tells the story of the love story "Tsumi [checkmate]" between office employees who are inexperienced in romance with a female Shogi player who is older than him.

In this drama, Kashiwagi will act as Komada Tae, a professional female Shogi player. Whereas Ito will act as Kohinata Taiga, an office employee who has no experience in romance matters.

Kashiwagi will also be responsible for singing the drama theme song. This will be Kashiwagi's new song since the 'Birthday wedding' single was released in October 2013. This new Kashiwagi song will be released December 5, 2018 on the Music Card.

MBS / TBS 'Kono Koi wa Tsumina no ka!?'

MBS: 2 Desember 2018, 24:50 ~ JST
TBS: 4 Desember 2018, 25: 28 ~ JST