Beautiful view as AKB48 Team SH new dorm is done

AKB48's sister group based in Shanghai 'Team SH' now has a new home for its members. Today, through its official Weibo account AKB48 Team SH published a new dorm full of the basic colors of the group logo, pink.

This dormitory is a facility provided by the company to the members during their activities in the group.

This dormi consists of a bedroom that can be filled with 3 members complete with a study table, bed and wardrobe.

In addition, there will also be a recording studio for AKB48 Team SH songs in the future. The meeting room is like a living room too!

Well, the most important thing for the beautiful Team SH girls is to have their own make-up and fashion room.

Dance and vocal training is also distinguished by the room. Members also have their own study room and class, and the main one is a healthy canteen for their nutritious food intake.