Details AKB48 No. 1 Singing Competition "Song Battle" project

AKB48 will held a tournament to decide the best singer among AKB48 group. to be broadcasted on TBS Channel.

Details regarding AKB48G singing competition
-48Group member from Japan can apply
-finalist selection scheduled to start on the end of november
-member will perform a song they decide themself, live
-finalist will participate on final tournament at Jan 11th in Akasaka ACT theatre.

-final tournament will be broadcasted live by TBS Channel
-and the winner got...

Producer says: "we seriously deciding the best singer here. Management push has nothing to do with it."

Tournament's Producer adds: "after Sayanee's graduation, I think the best singer in group is Okada Nana san. No question. We're hoping to find a new member other than Okada Nana san who can be 48G weapon with her singing. At best only around 3 member from each team will become finalist ."