Details on Keyakizaka46 first group photobook "21-nin no Mikansei"

As previously reported, the idol group Keyakizaka46 will release the first group's photobook. And on November 1, through the live broadcast of SHOWROOM, the details of this photobook were announced.

This photobook is titled '21-nin no Mikansei [21 人 の 未 完成] '. This photobook will feature 21 Keyakizaka46 members including Shida Manaka and Harada Aoi who are on hiatus from the group and Imaizumi Yui and Yonetani Nanami who will graduate from the group.

Each members photo in this photobook is taken by a different photographer. This photobook will consist of 304 pages.

Keyakizaka46 1st Photobook

Title: 21-nin no Mikansei
Release Schedule: November 21, 2018