Details on Li YiTong single debut "Okay, Then"

This year's election queen prize 'Li Yitong' is released her first solo single titled 'Okay,Then / Nahao Ba (那 好吧)'.

This single was released yesterday in two versions. For the first time, SNH48 released a single in the vinyl version. In addition to this version, SNH48 also prepared this single version of Nahao Ba's physical CD.

In the vinyl version, fans can buy it for 348 yuan or around USD 50.

At this price, besides vinyl they also get a photopack, but handshake tickets can only be obtained if you buy 2 sets.

For the physical CD version, fans will get a lyric and photopack book. The price is 48 Yuan or approximately USD 7.

The songs in the EP consisted of four, namely 'Okay Then', 'Like A Star', 'Mu'ou', and 'Renjian Guize'.

Okay Then's song than having a cute genre is perfect for people who are melancholy or upset. While the song Like A Star has a mixture of American and European pop music. Get the SNH48 EP and Li Yitong on the SNH48 GROUP shopping website and their group theater base.