With 159 participants, it's the detail on AKB48 Group Singing Ability Battle

AKB48 announced participants in the new project 'AKB48 Group Kashouryoku No.1 Ketteisen [AKB48 グ ル ー プ 歌唱 力 No.1 決定 戦]'.

'AKB48 Group Kashouryoku No.1 Ketteisen' is a competition project that will compete with the singing abilities of AKB48 Group members. Competition projects that have nothing to do with popularity and luck.

'AKB48 Group Kashouryoku No.1 Ketteisen' will be followed by 159 AKB48 Group members where each member can decide on the song they want to sing.

The initial contest will be held on November 30 and December 1 2018 and will be broadcast on TBS Channel 1. The Final Round will be broadcast LIVE from Asakasa Act Theater, Tokyo on January 1, 2019.

Here the full lists of participants: