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Details AKB48 Team TP 1st single "Yong Wang Zhiqian / Mae Shika Mukanee"

[Tracklist] AKB48 Team TP 1st Single - Yǒng Wǎng Zhíqián [勇往直前]
Release Date : 25 December 2018

[Type A & Type B]

(1) Yǒng Wǎng Zhíqián [勇往直前] Mae shika Mukanee
(2) Yīng Huābàn [櫻花瓣] Sakura no Hanabiratachi
(3) Yǒng Wǎng Zhíqián [勇往直前] off vocal ver.
(4) Yīng Huābàn [櫻花瓣] off vocal ver.

(1) Yǒng Wǎng Zhíqián [勇往直前] Mae shika Mukanee MV

Senbatsu Members:

Maria Abe, Chen Shih-ya, Chiu Pin-han, Sin Tik-kei, Liu Yu-ching, Pan Tzi-yi, Tseng Shih-yu, Liu Jie-ming, Chang Yu-ling, Lin Yu-hsin (KKS), Lee Meng-chun (KKS) and Lau Hiu-ching (KKS).

AKB48 Team TP performed again at the Cool Japan Festival in Taipei today. The event was attended by 12 members of the first single senbatsu. In the event they presented three songs namely the Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Aitakatta, and Heavy Rotation.

This Taiwan-based AKB48 sister group will hold their first fan meeting on December 23, 2018. Possibly the event will be shown for the first time their first single titled Mae Shika Mukanee or Yongwangzhiqian (勇往直前). The single will only be released on Christmas day, December 25, 2018