Details SNH48 new year EP single "Now and Forever"

2018 has given memories to everyone, soon let's say goodbye. 2019 will begin soon with a warm and happy atmosphere. To welcome this tumultuous new year, SNH48 will release a special single with the sisters groups including BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, and CKG48. The single is titled 'Cike Dao Yongyuan (此刻 到 永远)' or which means "Now and Forever.". 

SNH48 also gave the title of this single in English, namely 'Now and Forever'.
Special for the new year's single, SNH48 hooks up the famous music creator. SNH48 GROUP will fill this single with songs that touch the heart and soul so that all can start the new year with new dreams and new spirits.

Now and Forever will contain 7 pieces with new year themes. This single will also be released in two versions. Intrigued by the contents of SNH48's latest single? Come see the following details.

Standard Edition:

1 CD, tracklist:
Now and Forever / Cike Dao Yongyuan (此刻到永远) - SNH48 GROUP Senbatsu
Shuo sheng Xinnian Hao (说声新年好) - SNH48 GROUP
Xin de Weimu (新的帷幕) - SNH48
Happy Wonder World / Xinnian zhe Yike 新年这一刻 - BEJ48
Brave Heart - GNZ48
Smiling Sunflower / Weixiao de Xiangrikui (微笑的向日葵) - SHY48
Xinnian Hao (新年好) - CKG48

1 Lyrics Bokm

1 Photopack

1 Handshake Ticket

Price: 78 Yuan

Donation Edition:
*Include all of standar vers but with additional of 1 envelope. Same price.

This single will be delivered by 16 members of senbatsu. The sixteen were chosen from three groups SNH48, BEJ48, and GNZ48. 

They are Li Yitong (HII), Mo Han (SII), Su Shanshan (E), Zheng Danni (NIII), Liu Lifei (NIII), Yi Jiaai (NII), Wan Lina (HII), Jiang Shan (HII), Zhang Yi (NII), Zhang Xi (Ft), Sun Zhenni (HII), Dai Meng (SII), Chen Lin (X). Now and Forever will go on sale on December 20, 2018.