iPhone Battery Health Drastically Reduced How to solve?

iPhone Battery Health is a new feature since iOS 11.3 is rolled out by Apple for all iDevices devices that support it.

iPhone or other smartphone devices must use batteries as the main source of electricity. After being used for a certain time, the battery will definitely experience a decrease in capacity or commonly called a leaky battery.

In this article the ShukanBunshun team will share some of the characteristics of the Battery Health iPhone that you are using already showing signs of iPhone battery leaking or need to be replaced immediately.

Batteries bulging and pressing to the screen is one sign that you must immediately replace the battery on the iPhone.

When the battery is bulging, it usually affects other hardware or the screen color changes in certain parts. If left unchecked, a bulging battery that is too large can damage other devices, making repair costs more expensive.

Examples are the screen, Touch ID or maybe other parts.

Is the iPhone that you use not having problems in the form of a bloated battery but often have problems dying suddenly?

The problem of the iPhone suddenly dying is also a sign that the iPhone device must immediately replace the battery.

This condition occurs because the current supplied from the battery to the iPhone is unstable or is below the required requirements.

So that when the applied voltage drops, the iPhone device will suddenly low and of course inconvenience the user.

Do you still use iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or later generations and often experience wasteful batteries and slow iPhone?

If you don't know, there is a Battery Throttling or Batterygate problem which has been focused on users since iOS 11.

Battery Throttling is a condition when iPhone battery health decreases and iOS will automatically reduce iPhone performance. If the iPhone's performance is not lowered, then the user may experience the problem of sudden deactivate inactive.

How do I check the battery condition on the iPhone 6 or newer and whether the iPhone has experienced Battery Throttling?

If you are already using iOS 12 or newer, please go to Settings - Battery - Battery Health iPhone. If the Peak Performance Capability section shows the text like the picture above, that means you have to replace the battery immediately.