SHY48 made their last theater show before disbandment

SHY48 made their last theater performance before disbandment
SHY48 has completed the Team HIII theater performance titled 'Mingyun de Hao / Fate H' (12/22/2018). But in the performance last night it ended with the blue day of the members who performed. Actually what happened to SHY48? 

As we previously reported, this idol group from Shenyang is in danger of being disbanded. This is due to the financial condition of the group which experienced a decline in opinion from the reduction in theater audiences and sales.  

After appearing in the last song, SHY48 members expressed their gratitude to fans who had come to SHY48 Star Dream Theater. Fans linked the tears of this member to the group that was threatened with disbanding. There were rumors that the SHY48 Star Dream Theater would soon be closed because of the large rental costs. 

According to news circulating, the performance performed by Team HIII was the last performance held by SHY48 Star Dream Theater. This is because there was no show held at the theater after that date and the members will head to Beijing to take a theater tour. 

They will hold a show on January 1, 2019 but on BEJ48 Star Dream Theater. What is the fate of SHY48 like? Wait for the shuffle team announcement at the SNH48 5th Request Time concert on January 19, 2019. Not only is SHY48 rumored that CKG48 will hold its final performance at CKG48 Star Dream Theater on December 23, 2018.