Tao Wanrui announces graduation from CKG48

CKG48 have announced one of its members from Team C, Tao Wanrui graduated. She also announced her graduation through her official Weibo account yesterday. At that time the girl who was often called Neko said goodbye to the fans.

"The dream is a very long way, very extraordinary! Want to reach it quickly, see you again. Meet you guys, it's important! Thank you for the dreams, thank you for supporting me, Sweet and sour always through because of you. Warmly, hello 48 fans! Now, Goodbye. ", wrote Tao Wanrui.

This wasnt expected by fans because last November, she was very enthusiastic and was waiting for the next SNH48 5th Request Time which to be held next month. Tao Wanrui is a member of CKG48 who graduated at the end of 2018 but not exact date regarding her last stage.