2 men disguised as courier to enter Yamaguchi Maho room

2 men were came to the member's apartment itself makes the fans wonder, how they did it without any security check. Now we've seen the light a bit, an NGT48 male staff allegedly involved in letting those guys enter the area.

The two men prepared themselves from the room of one of the NGT48 member. As Mahohon said that she saw one of the perpetrators coming out of another member's room to enter her room.

NGT48 released a statement straight an hour after their 3rd Anniversary event. They confirm one member involved, but the member didnt mention Mahohon's address nor location, she only provided info when Maho would return there.

Still unclear on how those guys knew the Mahohon's room. But its getting brighter when reports say they disguised themselves as food couriers and asked other members at the apartment about where the women's room named Yamaguchi Maho and when she would return there. The 2 men are waiting around the apartment until Mahohon return.

While Mahohon already in her room those 2 guys came back and asked members whether or not Maho is returned. Which was later suspected by Mahohon was that the member was the mastermind.

NGT48 says they are banning those guys in any event while reports says one of them attending 3rd Anniversary event in the front row. Unclear whether the ban valid start from, it will probably valid after the event and the decision is made.

Regarding the suspect, management realized only after Mahohon spokes out on SHOWROOM and they have previously promised to find the suspect but it's evaporates since the police release them last month due to lack of evidence. Maho SHOWROOM force close due to business thing, AKS obviously didnt want to lost another KeyHolder-esque who just seals more than 80% of SKE48 shares worth 3 billion yen (approx USD 27 million) last month.