AKB48 Team TP gets open top bus as a gift

AKB48 Team TP  launched its debut single 'Yong Wang Zhiqian / Mae shika Mukanee' on December 25th. Physical CD sales penetrate 10,000 pieces. That exceeds the target of the sales figures from those estimated.

Quoted from Yahoo Taiwan, group captain Chen Shih-ya said: "We feel very scared and find it hard to believe. I am still a newcomer who has just debuted. I can get good results. I have to thank fans and work harder I feel that responsibility on my shoulders becomes heavier and won't disappoint fans ".

In addition, AKB48 Team TP's debut single music video has received a lot of viewers on Youtube. More than the estimated number of viewers.

Through its Facebook account, AKB48 Team TP announced that the group has a new sightseeing open top bus. This is a gift from Chen Zihong as the boss of the company that oversees Team TP for the achievements. On January 4, 2019, this bus officially walked around Taipei and held a press conference with the media accompanied by fans.