BNK48 fans spent billions during 1st general election

The BNK48 6th Single Senbatsu General Election is already over. The results revealed that Cherprang Areekul from Team BIII was the winner in this election.

General Election is an event adapted by AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo where fans make a selection of members who will bring in on a new single.

This election is carried out by voting. Fans can vote if they buy a CD single where there include a voting coupon containing code serial number that will be added to the vote site.

Many fans who want to choose their favorite members go into senbatsu so they buy lots of singles to get more votes.

In addition, there are also many fan clubs that open donation votes for their oshimen. Predictably, the annual Sousenkyo event is the highest source of income for a group. Even the benefits of this event can reach billions.

The first new BNK48 held a sousenkyo which is estimated to have a profit worth billions bath. Some fans have recapitulated the benefits BNK48 has received in this sousenkyo.