BNK48 seek new record by recruiting girls in 4 countries

BNK48 will hold auditions for new members of the third generation. Although the details of the implementation are not yet known, but now the news about auditions has spread to social media. Through the Tuangporn Asvavilai Twitter account (@pui_tuangporn), a news editor in Thailand, he explained a little about the 3rd generation BNK48 auditions.

In his account, Tuangporn explained that he had talked about the audition project from Jobsan, the head manager of BNK48. Apart from Thailand, he said that the 3rd generation audition project would also be followed by teenagers from Cambodia. In addition, the target of the third generation members of BNK48 will also have girls from Laos and Myanmar.

That's 4 different countries in total which means they are about to set new record as the first 48 Group to do it in history.