How to Change Fonts on Xiaomi Redmi 7A (No Root)

How to Change Fonts for Xiaomi Redmi 7A Very easy - Are you looking for a tutorial on how to change the font type of xiaomi redmi 7A if yes then you are in the right page because this time we will discuss how to change the font type xiaomi without additional applications let alone the root process.

Make the xiaomi look more attractive by changing the wallpaper to change the theme, including changing the icon on the home menu and the most often done is changing the xiaomi font style, by default the default xiaomi font is quite interesting even though it looks very simple.

Besides how to change the redmi 7A font, I have also discussed how to change the font on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A and it turns out that almost all of the Xiaomi series are the same and quite easy to do.

A collection of xiaomi fonts can be applied directly through the default application theme that has been installed on xiaomi it's just that the location is a little hidden so that when we open a theme or theme we cannot immediately find it.

How to Change Fonts on Xiaomi Redmi 7A (No Root)

# 1. Open the Themes.

# 2. In the search box please type "Font" or Free, then search

 # 3. Scroll down and find the font you like

# 4. Please install the selected font If the font is not found as well then we have to set the region or region by changing it from Global to India as well as how

# 1. Open Settings

# 2. Select additional settings then select Location

# 3. Please change the country from Indonesia to India

# 4. If you have closed all applications, including themes that are running behind the scenes

# 5. Then reopen the theme application, then do the test method by typing the font or free in the search box.

Quite like that just how to change fonts on Xiaomi Redmi 7A, hopefully it can be useful.