JKT48 investigate Erika Sintia scandal

JKT48 investigate Erika Sintia scandal

Earlier this morning JKT48 Academy Head Mistress, Devi Kinal Putri on her Twitter says the management are now investigating Erika Sintia.

The girl who is currently at Academy Class A posted a photo on 2nd account (her private Instagram account) with a man alongside birthday cake and a caption "Shaun the sheep kesayangan (eng: My Love)". Outrage fans then complaint on social media, asked management to interrogate Erika Sintia with this scandal.

"Thanks for this, I've read all the mentions. We are aware of this, but we need time." says @kinalkinal.

With this scandal, if found guilty Erika Sintia either going down to Class B or stay at Class A if the man is part of her family. As for personal account without "JKT48" thing on the username lots of JKT48 members have their own silently.

While former JKT48 said regarding this issue might as well pointing out to Erika, "If you have a boyfriend try to keep silent and DONT post it elsewhere even with your anonymous account. It is normal thing the fans upset because they have to pay 200k to get a chance of photoshoot with you and you're posted that only makes them jealous. As long as youre still a member, it is your fault."