SNH48 gave a gift before Qian BeiTing graduation

Official SNH48 released a special merchandise Birthday Qian BeiTing SNH48 Team SII (Captain) in the form of a necklace bearing the 'Money' Price of special Qian Beiting necklace: 248 Yuan / 47 USD.

BEJ48 Poster Concept Team B - Ben TOP2 SNH48GROUP 5th REQUEST TIME BEST50 2019 Tomorrow's SNH48GROUP 6th REQUEST TIME BEST50 2019 voting will open at 09:00 WIB.

Hashimoto Kanna is in love! Continuing the previous information, Ex-member Nogizaka46 Wakatsuki Yumi posted a photo of herself wearing a sailor uniform on Instagram and told her involvement in the drama "Dakaretai 12nin no Onna Tachi". (First Pic) After that was seen actress Hashimoto Kanna who had previously played in 1 drama title with Wakatsuki, wrote on her Twitter account with translate more or less as follows (second Pic): "I really like seeing Wakatsuki Yumi's photo wearing a sailor uniform on Instagram, the image is totally different from her on 'Kyou Kara Ore wa!' Wakatsuki Yumi is very busy lately, I can't see her, I have to meet her next month. " Then she continues in the next tweet (third Pic): "Wakatsuki Yumi said that we met 10 days ago, but it feels like it's been a long time since we met each other. Is it possible ... Love (?)"

Yesterday's student demonstration was also participated by Sisil ex JKT48. As a student, she took to the streets calling for justice for Indonesia. Sisil uploaded the moment she became a demonstrator. She brought a paper that read 'People's Con artists'. "'United Students Can Not Be Defeated'. Youth only have 2 choices to be historical witnesses or historical actors.