SNH48 new group system with "Idols FT"

The results of the SNH48 shuffle surprised fans greatly because it stated that the SHY48 and CKG48 group sisters were officially disbanded.

So where are the members of the two groups? Some of them have been sent to SNH48, BEJ48, and GNZ48. Sadly, several SHY48 and CKG48 members joined the IDOLS Ft new system which was announced right away. What and how is the concept applied by IDOLS Ft?

IDOLS Ft (Idol Studio Ft) is shaded by Shanghai Siba STAR48 Culture Media Group which aims to build new Internet-based idols to form girl group members.

This will revolutionize the existing idol development model, IDOLS Ft members will perform with third parties via the internet such as the Pocket 48 application.

Members of IDOLS Ft will also have the opportunity to be chosen by net fans and citizens (national producers) to return to the SNH48 team, BEJ48 and GNZ48.

In short IDOLS Ft is another name for trainne / yubeisheng SNH48 GROUP. If JKT48 replaces the trainee system with the Academy then like SNH48 with IDOLS Ft.

The IDOLS Ft members consist of SNH48 GROUP members who are not subject to 2019 reshuffle.