Total sales JKT48 4th Album Joy Kick Tears

Total penjualan CD Album JKT48 ke-4 Joy Kick Tears data statistik sold sales

JKT48 officially released a special page for their new album titled 'Joy Kick! Tears' on Wednesday.

On this album, JKT48 does not display the members' photos on the cover but rather the pattern of each team's latest greatness uniform.

Joy Kick! Tears was released in two versions, a music card and a physical or regular CD.

In the regular version JKT48 inserts 1 CD, voting code, and 1 photopack while your card version can get 3 songs (only new team songs) or photos with a bonus handshake coupon and voting code.

The songs on this album consist of 3 new songs from each team namely Majisuka Rock 'n Roll (Team J), Teacher Teacher (Team KIII), and the Accelerated Calendar / Hayaokuri Calendar (Team T).

Three theater songs from each team were also included namely Fajar Sang Idola / Idol no Yoake (Team J) Back Hip Circle / Saka Agari (Team KIII), and Tunas di Balik Seragam / Seifuku no Me (Team T).

There are two old versions of the song that have never been released, namely the Maturity Train (Otona Ressha) and Together with You, Pelangi dan Mentari (Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to) which are delivered by the senbatsu album line.

This album can be found at JKT48 Theater or the official store website.

The price of a regular CD is only 70,000 rupiahs ($5) while the music card is only IDR 35,000.00 ($2,8).

The album's special handshake event will be held on December 1, 2019 at the BRP SMESCO Convention Hall, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.94. Pancoran. South Jakarta.

However, the total sales figure may be far from the expectation of only 3120 copies in the first week of JKT48 4th Album sales.