Zhao JiaMin "Savoki" vs SNH48 Siba, Star48 has been fined

On Today (18 January) announcement, Savoki (Zhao JiaMin) court case against SNH48 management Siba Star48 on the terminating of her contract final results has been decided.

Court verdict:
1. Siba needs to pay ¥7,000 subsistence allowance to Savoki.
2. Siba needs to pay ¥80,000 endorsement income to Savoki.
3. Court don't support her other requests.

The court case between #STAR48 and former 1st gen member Zhao JiaMin has concluded after two years.

Ruling was that #STAR48 owes subsistence allowance as per contract terms and unpaid endorsement income.

Court refused to void the contract altogether.