All 20 announcements on "BNK48 We Talk to You"

1. BNK48 will expand their films and series to neighboring countries.
2. The latest BNK48 Oshi Festival game results in collaboration with GAMELOFT.
3. There will be 2 more games to be released this year.
4. BNK48 Star Keeper Games will be updated soon
5. Establishment of BNK48 Foundation, a charity to help children victims of natural disasters.
6. "Where We Belongs" film starring 8 members of BNK48 will air in May 2019.

7. There will be a BNK48 series titled "BNK48 Story" with total 60 episodes to be released in July 2019.
8. There will be the latest series / films by taking on a rural setting and accompanied by local music.
9. BNK48 series / film will still be released.
10. BNK48's 2nd Documentary Film titled 'Real Me' will air September 2019.

11. The 'One Year 365 Days' series will air in November 2019.
12. BNK48 Office forms Artist management in which there are
• AR, HR
• Mentor
• Psychologist
• Medical care
• Security
• Law Team
13. The Fan Fest will be held the second time in December 2019.
14. This year there will be a Full Concert, Member Produced Concert and Solo Concert.

15. The BNK48 Sports Day will be held in August 2019.
16. BNK48 will again hold 2s Even in October and November 2019.
17. There will be an announcement for the New Theater Setlist and Team NV.
18. The 'Thank You and Beginner' event will be held outdoors.
19. "Kimi no koto ga suki dakara" is going to be the song that Undergirls delivered in the 6th single.
20. MV BNK48 Beginner will be released on March 3, 2019 while MV Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara will be released no later than April.