How to get your own Apple Card in India and Indonesia users

Apple moves quickly and surely after announcing that the Apple Card will launch in August 2019.

After opening the registration and showing a guide on how to use the Apple Card, the cards begin to be distributed.

Monitored on social media, some users have received and uploaded cards that they have. Citing Macrumors, the Apple Apple Card began to be shared with several users.

The card can already be used for transactions at outlets, but cannot be used for payments outside of Apple outlets.

Several public figures have received this card, from the famous YouTuber Marquea Brownlee to Nilay Patel.

As per the news circulating, Apple Card weighs 14.75 grams and is slightly thick.

From the cards that have been distributed, the card has a titanium material with a simple design. There are only 3 identities on the front: the Apple logo, user name and chip.

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Regarding Apple Card services, Goldman Sachs even facilitates the requirements for users who wish to apply for installments on several products.

Quoting CNBC, Goldman Sachs has even granted loans and applications for installments from customers who have low credit ratings thanks to Apple Card.

Unfortunately, the new Apple Card service is available in the United States. By using the Mastercard network, Goldman Sachs promises to expand the use of Apple Cards worldwide.