How to Sync SmartWatch to Android phones without root

This time the Android World admin will discuss about how to connect the Smart Watch made in China to an Android phone by utilizing an application made by Mediatek chipset vendor.

If previously the admin gave tips on how to change the default security code of the Chinese manufacturer's Smart watch with various types and brands, but this time specifically about synchronization tips between smart watches and Android smartphones, let's see the reviews and tips below.

As I reviewed earlier, that in general, although the types and brands of Chinese smart watch products are priced cheap using Mediatek chipsets with standard configurations.

On average the same firmware is embedded into smart watches but with different brands. If you find that there is a difference in price but not so much linked due to several different mobile phone features and accessories such as models, rubber clocks, cassing, screen sizes, simcard support or not and so on.

Talking about synchronous data, the system actually works the same as in other devices, where one gadget must have permission to access other gadgets to access each other.

In this case the wearable smart watch gadget made in China which is famous for being cheap can only do it via a Bluetooth connection without a WiFi connection.

The good thing about using a smart watch is that the owner can receive phone calls, SMS and other notifications that are on an Android phone and can immediately be run and read on his smart watch.

Likewise, there is an anti-theft feature that can minimize the loss of an android phone when it is in sync with a smart watch.

How to Sync Smart Watch to Android Phones

Now, back to the main discussion, how to synchronize smart watch with an Android cellphone ?, please refer to the tips aa this can be done on Samsung Galaxy, Asus Zenfone, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Redmi Note Mi Pocophone, Huawei Mate P series, Honor, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia, LG, Nubia, Essential.

1. Prepare your android smartphone install the application from the playstore named MediaTek SmartDevice

2. After installing, turn on Bluetooth on the smart watch and also Bluetooth on the Android phone.

3. Open the Bluetooth settings on the watch and select Search New Device, then select the Bluetooth name of the mobile so that the two devices are connected later.

4. Open the MediaTek SmartDevice application and there will be a notification to activate the application reading permission (Enable Accessibility), check the selection as in the example image.

5. After all the successful and successfully connected there is still to be agreed that there is a notification to allow all access to the device to be synchronized, just press the OK button.

6. Now, with the smart watch connected to the cellphone, you can choose which applications and notifications can go to your watch if there is a notification from your cellphone.

So if you want all notifications and SMS process and calls can be made from the smart watch then you have to enable all options in the Notification menu feature.

The continuous use of Bluetooth on a smart watch connected to an Android cellphone can drain a lot of the watch's battery power due to the distance factor of the device and also the signal strength of the two devices, so if you want to last the power of your watch, please activate Bluetooth only when needed.