JKT48 could be ended under the new Indonesian music law

Indonesian draft law permits outrages music creators or musicians in Indonesia. The reason is that the new drafted law permits with a lot of controversy among musicians. If inaugurated, the worry will lead to freedom and lack of creativity and innovation in musicalization. So that Indonesian musicians flock to reject it.

There are a number of articles that are said to be very shackles to musicians. Among them are article 5, Article 32, Article 33, Article 34, Article 35, Article 42, Article 43, and Article 44. Then what are the effects of those articles for the JKT48 and others J-Pop / K-Pop genres idol group? Let's look at the description below.

In article 5 it is stated that in the process of music creation it is prohibited to contain and/or bring negative content influences to foreign cultures.

Here JKT48 has a song that is a little offensive about the problem. Songs like Virginity, Junjou U-19, UZA, this uniform is very disturbing which might be subject to the article because the lyrics are a bit vulggar. Even later maybe the song is forbidden to display.

Article 18 contains that music performances must involve the organizers who have licenses in accordance with the law. The article will definitely require JKT48 to involve promoters in theatrical daily performances, Request Hour, or other concerts, aka it cannot be done independently.

Article 32 To be recognized as a profession, musicians must take competency examinations / test for people from educational or self-taught pathways.

This article contradicts the search for JKT48 members where they are freely recorded from girls throughout Indonesia, where the girls are trained by themselves and grow up with fans. It is possible that the next generation of JKT48 must follow this certain test under government law before officially becoming a trainee member.

If according to JKT48 those girls are good enough to be trainee members but they are cannot match on certain test with new law, then they cannot start their career as idol based on Article 32.

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