Xiang Wang reveals IDOLS Ft members salary

Through live broadcast on the Pocket48 app, one of the IDOLS Ft members named Xiang Wang revealed several things related to the online idol project.

Xiang Wang, a former member of SHY48, leaked things that had to be done by IDOLS Ft members along with their monthly salary. She also explained it in the chat room of the application.

IDOLS Ft members must broadcast live every single day. Live broadcast time must also be at least 20 minutes to one hour.

They also were not facilitated by life centers such as dormitories, canteens, etc. related to their need. How much they earn?

The salary they received was 2,000 yuan or around USD 321. Not including artist tax that must be deducted as much as 3% so that the net wage is only USD 300. The fans who knew this matter were very concerned about this situation but also it was worth just sitting at home doing the live broadcast to get paid.